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Hey there, you cool thing you! 


We're a mother and daughter team, based in Yorkshire and we like a cup of coffee on a Monday and a G&T on a Friday! We also love a good giggle and if you ever see us around you'll probably have heard us before you see us!


In 2015 after both taking the plunge and quitting our jobs we decided to team up. We love to make others smile and we both have a passion for gifts, Christmas gift shopping especially! (Yes we start in the January sales!) We put both of our skills in a blender, as well as our passions, mixed them up and out poured Flox Creative! 

We started out in a spare room at granny Flox's bungalow, with a few plain white T's (hey there delilah I'm looking at you!) But quickly outgrew this, drowning with our ever growing stock and orders! We moved to a storage unit... and then into two! We finally decided to take our next biggest plunge and rent out a shop unit close to home in Hoyland town centre in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 

If you're ever nearby why not pop in?! We're situated opposite the outdoor market in Hoyland next to the old Co-op and Boyes! You might even find a few extra things we don't sell online!


If you've got this far, you probably have a good idea!

We stock a variety of apparel and accessories, ranging from hoodies to totes, baby vests to aprons and mugs to sashes and even dog vests! We're gradually building our range up, one product at a time, so expect more items in the future!

If you've seen a design you really like, but would like it on an item we don't currently stock, a different size or even colour, hit us up and we'll work our magic! Heck we can even put your own design on!


Our aim is to create so many designs you can find something to suit every member of your family and all of your friends, as well as treating yourself, all in one tidy space! Seriously we have thousands!

Although we try to create as many combinations as we can, the possibilities are endless and so we encourage custom orders and personalisation as much as possible. Our products feel like a truly thoughtful gift from you rather than a generic gift from us!


Starting with just the two of us, we now have a small close knit team. We never forget our helpers that have joined us during our super busy periods and we always appreciate all the people that help make Flox Creative what it is today. From our postman Ken, to the Store First team, the lovely people at Doddle and everyone in-between!

Our core team comprises of five people. We love to help support friends, family and the local community when we can, so we always turn to those closest to us first! If you'd like to know more about each member, click on their name below!







We sell on all the major online marketplaces. We quickly realised that we have a broad range of customers, some who prefer to shop on one site and some who prefer another! From our artsy people over on Etsy, to our bargain hunters on Ebay and our product reviewing lovers over on Amazon!

You can take a look at our shop reviews by clicking on the links! We can't hide behind these so you'll see all of the good, the odd bad and even some of the bizarre! Luckily most of our reviews are lovely and even make us chuckle!

We've had over 30,000 customers so far (August 17) and counting, (watch out customer #100,000) So you might have seen us or even bought from us without even realising! We've had loads of experience of selling online, we've overcome every issue you can possibly think of and every learning curve there is!

We've perfected our craft and we know that mistakes and issues can sometimes happen, so we're also perfecting our customer service too! We take all of our feedback onboard and try to better ourselves from each and every one we receive. 

We share our feedback with our team too, so we can all pitch in ideas to help improve or celebrate with a hot chocolate!


We've always wanted to have a site we can call our own, Flox's little corner of the internet! Using online marketplaces has allowed us to grow as a business, so we can invest in a site of our own. It's also given us credibility as a company and hopefully your gain in trust too!

We want people to realise that when they're making a purchase from us, they're also receiving the care, attention and devotion that are our core beliefs, as well as supporting a small home grown business to boot! A lot of our customers on our exisiting marketplaces don't even realise that it's us they're purchasing from and think it's from one large corporate company. We want to change that.


We're slowly adding all of our existing designs that we already sell on our other sites (believe me we have thousands! So please bear with us!) We'll also be adding lots of new ones too, as well as new product ranges!

Our website will be the first place to find all of our new products and designs and will be the only place (as well as our social media sites) to find competitions, discounts and deals! It's also the easiest way to find what your looking for! You can search for any term, using the search bar in the top left hand corner of the screen. Or if you want to browse a certain category you can do so using our drop down menus!

If you have a suggestion on another catogory, or a way you think it could be better organised we'd love to hear your suggestions!